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Uploading a file from a SharePoint document library into an Azure Blob Storage with Microsoft Flow (or Logic App)

The Problem One of the things that I've been experimenting with lately is Microsoft Flow. The service allows you to build process automation to facilitate transfer of information from one system to another easily.

One scenario I wanted to try out is to be able to copy/move a file from SharePoint to an Azure Blob Storage. There are a number of reasons that you may want to do this:

Archive files that are no longer neededUpload a copy of a file (usually an image) into a Blob Storage so that images can be hosted in a CDN to optimize page load performance In the past doing something like this would have required some form of custom development e.g. a remote event receiver. However the introduction of Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps has created another alternative that is worth exploring....

Update 30/09/16: If you are looking to put your assets into a CDN to make it load faster, then it's worth checking out the new Preview Release Office 365 Public Content Delivery Network (CDN) capab…

Top 8 things to do in Sydney for travellers on a budget

Experiencing the best of Sydney doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here's a list of my 8 favourite things to do in Sydney.

1. Blue Mountains
CostSydney World: $39 AUD Transportation to/from/within blue mountains: $15 AUD (daily cap for the OPAL card between Monday and SaturdayFood: The food at Scenic World are somewhat overpriced, so recommend packing some lunch TransportationTransportation to/from blue mountains - take the early morning blue mountains line for a 2 hour train ride between central station and katoomba station. Transportation within blue mountains - take the local bus #686 to get to the three sisters and scenic world. What's this The blue mountains offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience with picturesque landscapes and offers a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of the CBD.
When you hop on the bus #686 outside katoomba station, be sure to exit at the bus stop for Three Sisters/Echo Point Lookout to get a view of the three sisters (rock formation) amon…