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B&B Review | Esther's Guesthouse (Gimmelwald)

Overall Rating***** 5/5 During my 3 day stay in Gimmelwald, I stayed at Esther's Guesthouse (Affiliate Link). As I was staying in hostels for must of my euro trip, I wanted to experience something different, and you can't get any more different than staying at a bed and breakfast 1367m above sea level in the quiet little town of Gimmelwald. If you are looking for a reasonably priced, warm, and friendly accommodation with good facilities and incredible surroundings of the Swiss alps then Esther's Guesthouse is an excellent option.
Pro: Esther's Guesthouse provides a very high standard (not to be confused by luxurious) in accommodation and is clean, homely and well equipped. In addition the hosts and fellow guests were very nice and friendly which provides a great atmosphere during the length of the stay. 
Con: From a bed and breakfast type accommodation, there is nothing to fault at Esther's. Of course if your preference is the hostel type accommodation then the M…

Itinerary, tips and lessons learnt from visiting Berner Oberland on a budget

Switzerland is not a cheap country to visit, but here's 5 tips and lessons I learnt from various sources that really helped me keep the cost of my euro trip down whilst still experiencing much of what the Berner Oberland region has to offer.
Itinerary A summary of my itinerary provided below. For more details, check out the relevant day's trip journal.
Day 1: Arrival at Berner Oberland and check-in at Esther's Guesthouse in GimmelwaldDay 2:Hiking around the Berner Oberland regionExplore the town of MurrenDay 3:SchilthornMannlichen Kleine Scheidegg Hike Tips 1. Expect the unexpected - don't over plan your itinerary
An important lesson I learnt during my time in Gimmelwald and the Berner Oberland region was to not over plan my itinerary. Although having a well planned itinerary may work well in busy/fast paced cities like Paris, the Berner Oberland region is a lot more relaxed/slow paced and as such you will enjoy yourself a lot better by going with the flow. 
One exampl…

Day 17 - 20 Eurotrip 2015 | Amsterdam - Part Two

Day 17 - Madurodam in Den Haag Today's an exciting day for me as I planned to visit Madurodam in Den Haag. As I missed the chance to visit the BMW factory and science museum in Munich, the child in me was really looking forward to experiencing the interactive miniature park.

I took the morning train to Den Haag train station and then changed over to the local bus to get to Madurodam. The miniature park, certainly didn't disappoint as it contained many detailed and interesting miniature models of landmarks in Holland, some of which I had already seen in real life. Some of the miniature models such as trains and boats even moved bringing the model towns to life. Of course there were also video stations spread throughout the park to allow you to learn about the history of the key landmarks of Holland which made the experience both educational and fun at the same time.

Check out my video and photos below to see just how amazing this place is (especially if you have children with …