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Hostel Review | Dreaming Rome Hostel (Rome)

Overall Rating***** 5/5 During my 3 day stay in Rome, I stayed at the Dreaming Rome Hostel. When looking for a hostel to stay at in Rome, I read great things about Dreaming Rome Hostel, and my experience staying in this hostel certainly did not disappoint.  If you are looking for a reasonably priced, fun and friendly accommodation with hosts who put a lot of effort in making their guests feel at home in Rome, then Dreaming Rome Hostel is highly recommended. 
Pro: Dreaming Rome Hostel provides a reasonably priced and well equipped accommodation where the hosts put a lot of effort into creating a fun, friendly and welcoming culture. 
Con: This is not a boutique/flashy/large accommodation so it is important to have the right expectations when booking at this hostel, however this is not necessarily a bad thing as the hostel felt lively and homely. 
Location *****4/5 Dreaming Rome Hostel is about six to seven minutes walk to the S Giovanni station or half an hours walk to the Colosseum.


Itinerary, tips and lessons learnt from visiting Rome on a budget

Rome is for me one of the most intriguing cities that I have visited. For me arriving in Rome was a bit of a shock after spending time in London, Paris and Berner Oberland (Switzerland). Whereas the cities I've previously visited were organised and easy to get oriented with the city, Rome was a little more disorganised or confusing. However as you settle in to the way of life, it's hard not to fall in love with the city (especially the food).

Here's some of the tips and lessons that I felt would be most useful for someone visiting Rome for the first time.

Itinerary A summary of my itinerary provided below. For more details, check out the relevant day's trip journal.

Day 1:Arrival at Rome and check-in at Dreaming Rome HostelDay 2:ColosseumRoman ForumPantheonTrevi FountainDolce Vita StrollDay 3:Saint Peter BasilicaVatican Museum
Tips 1. Spend more days in Rome (at least 3 to 4 full days is recommended)
One of the biggest regret I had during my trip was not setting aside …