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Day 8 Eurotrip 2015 | Gimmewald - The Schilthorn Experience

Today's my 3rd and last day in Switzerland. I woke up early and took the 30 minute walk up to Murren to buy my tickets at the cable car station up to the top of Schilthorn where one of the 007 James Bond movie was filmed. Inside the cable car station, there is a live stream of Schilthorn so that you can check the visibility and weather before you buy your tickets (This is highly recommended, as the visibility at Schilthorn can sometimes be quite low due to weather and you end up wasting your time and money going up).

Now the tickets itself to the Schilthorn aren't cheap, but by leveraging the half fare card, the early bird special, and the breakfast combo, the cost of going to the Schilthorn is a little less painful :).

The wait for the cable car didn't take long, and before I know it I am on my way up to Schilthorn (after passing through the Birg station). Upon exiting the cable car station at Schilthorn, I was met with breathtaking and simply stunning 360 degree views o…

Day 7 Eurotrip 2015 | Gimmewald - Hiking around Gimmelwald

For the first time in my trip, I slept in and woke up at around 8am to have a nice breakfast prepared by Esther and her team at Esther's Guesthouse. It has just been one night, but I must say Esther's Guesthouse is one of the best accommodation I have ever stayed at. The bed and breakfast was clean, well equipped, and best of all the hosts and guests were very friendly.

Breakfast (for 16 CHF) featured a wide range of really fresh and healthy local food like freshly baked bread, yoghurt, milk, cereal, deli meats, and cheese. I also opted in for a packed lunch (6.5 CHF) to take with me for hiking.

I had originally planned to go to Schilthorn today, but having seen the weather forecast of rain and given the cost of going to Schilthorn (from what I read, you need perfect weather to enjoy the views at Schilthorn), I decided to postpone it to the next day and opted to bring forward exploring Gimmelwald via their hiking trails.

So after breakfast I set off towards the North Face Tra…

Day 6 Eurotrip 2015 | Gimmewald - The start of a swiss adventure

It is now Day 6 of my Eurotrip and another early morning for me as I try and catch my 7:20am train to Interlaken before taking a series of local train, bus and cable car to my final destination of Gimmelwald (elevation of 1363 meters).

After checking out of my hostel at about 6:00am, I took the metro towards the Paris Gare De Lyon train station, and whilst doing so, I couldn't help but reflect on my time in Paris. Visiting Paris has been such an eye opener and an experience I am unlikely to forget any time soon. It is one of the cities that have you looking forward to coming back before you have even left. 
Although there are the obvious things that makes Paris such a charming city e.g. visiting landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or trying out delicious pastries. For me it is also simple things like the efficiency of it's network of tube that get you from A to B really easily. Even if you need to transfer from one tube line to another, you are usually only waiting a few minutes …

Azure AD B2B Collaboration | Lessons learnt exploring the service

UPDATE 14 November 2015: Microsoft has responded to a question I have left in their blog post on B2B service and have clarified a few things:

The likely reason why I am seeing an issue with using the self service reset option for the self service signup user is that the user I am using "does not have a valid email address". I haven't managed to test this out, but this makes sense as the email I used this test is not actually a proper email address but one implemented using an email forwarding service to forward any emails sent to that email address to my gmail."If an invited user is in an unmanaged tenant (i.e. no global admin), then self service password reset is enabled for the user. If an invited user is in a managed tenant with a global admin, then self service password reset will only work if the admin has paid for the service in the tenant."

One new feature from Azure that I've been really excited about lately is the Azure Active Directory Business to …

Day 5 Eurotrip 2015 | Paris - Versailles and Louvre Museum

Wow time flies really fast and it is now my 3rd and last day in Paris. I woke up at about 6:30am and walked towards the Javel Metro Station to take a RER-C train to Versailles. It is another early day for me as I wanted to get to Versailles before the crowd started coming in.

When I got to the station to buy my return ticket between Paris and Versailles, I learnt that the automated machines do not accept Euro Notes, and your only option to buy a ticket is to pay in coins or via credit card (of course you could buy a ticket from a manned ticket office but they were not yet open at my intended departure time).
Versailles Arriving at Versailles, I had a buffet breakfast from Ibis (just a minute or so from the Versailles train station) which i felt was pretty reasonable at 10.50 Euro, and offered a varied and wholesome food of pastry, deli meat, cheese, fruits, yoghurt and of course a coffee machine. 
Once I finished breakfast, I headed over to Versailles Palace to join the security queu…