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Hostel Review | Three Ducks Botique Hostel (Paris)

Overall Rating ***** 4/5

During my 3 day stay in Paris, I stayed at the Three Ducks Boutique Hostel. If you are looking for a conveniently located, social hostel that is modern and recently renovated then this hostel is a good option. However if you are a light sleeper then another hostel may be a better option. 

Pro: The hostel was conveniently located, clean, and provided a modern facilities that would almost rival staying at a hotel or apartment. Also, the staff are very friendly and helpful.
Con: The hostel's bar is just outside the rooms in the hostel with noise from the bar being easily heard from the room until (or past) midnight.

Location ***** 5/5

The Three Ducks Hostel is located in Paris's 15th district and is just 2 km from the Eiffel Tower.

It is close to many restaurants, cafes, bakery and shops, and best of all the Felix Faure metro station is just a minute's walk away. 

I felt comfortable walking the streets in the morning, during the day and in the evening, and did not feel unsafe during these times.

Check-in Process ***** 5/5

The check-in process was efficient and the staff was helpful and friendly. On check-in I got:
  • Key card for access to the hostel entrance, your room and other facilities
  • A free map of Paris
  • WI-FI password
  • Helpful advice on things to do in Paris

The room ****4/5

  • Overall feel: the 4 bed dorm was clean, modern and stylish. The sound insulation wasn't very good though and sounds from the bar at night easily came into the room.
  • En-suite toilet and bathroom: Yes (modern shower and bathroom though a little on the small side)
  • Bed: The bed didn't feel well built and creaked throughout the night on small movements. It also didn't have side railing which makes sleeping on the top bunk a little risky.
  • Convenient power source for electronics: Yes (personal power and reading light for each bed)
  • Security: small locker for each bed (can only fit small belongings like electronics and handbags, bring your own lock)

Facilities and Services ***** 4/5

  • Laundry: No
  • Kitchen: free use of  kitchen. (No comment, didn't visit the kitchen during my stay)
  • Reception: 24 hours
  • Wi-Fi: Available in communal and room but speed was a bit spotty during my stay.
  • Security: The hostel felt safe and secure. (I didn't feel unsafe, rooms were locked though it would have been nice to have lockers that could fit a backpack. Suggestion: bring a cable lock for securing your backpack). 
  • Cleanliness: Very good.
  • Breakfast included: Yes basic breakfast of cereal and pastry
  • Cafe/Restaurant: Yes, cafe/bar (though I didn't try any of their food or drinks)

Atmosphere ***** 4/5

Hostel Type: Boutique + Social

The hostel had a unique feel to it and was one of the nicest and most modern hostels I've stayed at during my Euro trip. The staff were very helpful and friendly and makes the stay quite enjoyable.

In my opinion this hostel falls is somewhere in the middle of the "feel at home" and "party" hostels. As the hostel is partly a bar, drinking is encouraged where hostel guests and people not staying at the hostel come to socialize. Though the noise from the bar could be easily heard inside the rooms I did not observe any disorderly behavior from the bar's patrons.

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